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Zein Al-Jundi's First CD Release

                                                                                                                                     ******Photo by  Ricardo Acevedo*****
Traditional Songs from Syria
Released World Wide
on ARC Music
November 15th, 2004

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Ms Al-Jundi's long awaited first CD, Traditional Songs from Syria will be released in 5 continents and 64 countries on Monday, November 15th, 2004 on the British music label, ARC Music.

Recorded at MA studios in Cairo, Egypt under the direction of renowned Egyptian producer, composer, arranger and master percussionist,  Hossam Ramzy and featuring master musicians:  Muneer Hariri (violin, orchestra leader), Aziz Jorge (violin, violin solo), Adel Eskander (violin, backing vocals (track 9 & 12), Taha Taha (cello), Maged Serour (qanun), Hazem Shaheen (oud), Mohamed Fouda (nai, backing vocals (track 9 & 12), Mohsen Adly (keyboard, double bass) & the one and only, Hossam Ramzy (Egyptian percussion).  It features 13 songs of the traditional repertoire of Syrian music in the genres of Qudoud, Muwashahat, Adwar and Dawaleeb; the CD also includes an extensive booklet written by Ms. Al-Jundi with information about Syria, Traditional Syrian music, glossary of key terms  and information about the CD tracks, their history, author, composer and lyrics. 

Track Listing:
1.  Lamma Bada Yatathanna
(genre:  Muwashah, author: unknown / old poem, composer: Salim El Masri)
2.  Hayyamatni
(genre:  Qadd, author:  Amin Al-Jundi, composer:  Sheikh Mohammad Al_Manbaji)
3.  Qaddukal Mayyas
(genre:  Allepan Qadd, author:  unknown, composer:  unknown / Turath)
4.  Subhana Man Sawwar
(genre:  Muwashah, author:  unknown / old poem, composer:  Omar Al-Batsh)
5.  Qoum Ya Nadim
(genre:  Muwashah, author:  unknown / old poem, composer:  unknown)
6.  Skaba
(genre:  Qadd, author:  unknown, composer:  unknown / Folklore)
7.  Ya Ein Mulayyetein
(genre:  song, author: unknown , composer: unknown / folklore )
8.  Aminti Billah
(genre:  song, author:  unknown / old poem, composer:  Laure Dakkash)
9.  Ya Teira Tiri

(genre:  new Qadd, author / composer:  Sheik Ahmad Abu Khaleel Al-Qabbani)
10.  Ya Mal Eshsham
(genre:  new Qadd, author / composer:  Sheik Ahmad Abu Khaleel Al-Qabbani)
11.  El Alb Mal
(genre:  Dawr, author / composer:  Bakri El Kurdi)
12.  Ah Ya Hilu
(genre: Qadd , author /  composer:  unknown / Turath)
13.  Elu'zubiyya
(genre: Qadd , author /  composer:  unknown / Turath)

Total Playing Time 62:23 minutes.

Chronicle of a CD Recording
by Zein Al-Jundi

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