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 WMD Productions is very proud to announce the opening of our own dance sutdio (Zein's Dance Studio) in Central Austin at 5013 B Duval ST, Austin TX 78751 (enter via back of building)

The studio is 1200 sq. ft. with a suspended hard wood floor (it has a wonderful spring to it that is not found around any more (the space was a dance studio about 20 years ago and the floor is the original one built back then). It will also have a state of the art new stereo, a new AC/Heating system, high ceiling, full mirrored wall (that can be covered if needed), four skylights, four cieling fans, track and recessed brand new lighting and more. It also has a full back with a shower and a sizable lounge area that have all the elements of comfort that one finds in their own house--this will come in handy when someone has their kids with them or just wants to lounge around. And once we are done with remodeling the amenity area, it will have a changing area and a kitchenette as well as an outdoor patio that we will fixing up for our use.

Zein's vision of this studio is to be happy, comfortable and inspiring and its amenities to accommodate a sense of one's second home and a wonderful place for our classes community.




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